Welcome to Troutdale Oregon

Downtown Troutdale

Historic Downtown

Discover Troutdale's charming historic downtown, where vibrant murals, quaint shops, and local history come together for a unique experience.

Shopping and Dining

Delight in Troutdale's diverse culinary offerings, where you can choose from a range of unique restaurants, cozy coffee shops, and a vibrant selection of food carts

Outdoor Recreation

Immerse yourself in the tranquil charm of Troutdale's stunning outdoors, encompassing scenic hiking trails, lush green spaces, and abundant opportunities for watersports and nature exploration.

downtown Troutdale, Oregon
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“Troutdale is a place where you can breathe in fresh air and exhale pure joy”

Glen Otto Park, Troutdale


Troutdale Real Estate

Find your dream home in Troutdale, where diverse real estate options, scenic landscapes, and a welcoming community offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.


Discover the Hidden Paradise of Troutdale: A Perfect Escape from the City Life!

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