McMenamins Edgefield

Nestled on 74 acres of lush Pacific Northwest landscape, McMenamins Edgefield is a converted farmstead that dates back to 1911. Originally a county poor farm, this sprawling property has been transformed into a vibrant destination that features a hotel, multiple bars and restaurants, a concert venue, a golf course, and more.

History of McMenamins Edgefield

Before diving into the various attractions and experiences at Edgefield, let’s take a brief look at its fascinating history. The property was purchased by Mike and Brian McMenamin in 1990, and they embarked on a restoration project that aimed to preserve the rich history while adding their own unique touch. The result is a place that pays homage to the past while offering modern comforts and entertainment. Edgefield is the flagship of the popular McMenamin’s restaurants and bars around the Pacific Northwest and is a one stop shop for a good time. 

The Unique Experience at McMenamins Edgefield

When you step foot onto the grounds of McMenamins Edgefield, you’ll immediately sense the distinctive atmosphere that sets it apart from other destinations. Here’s what you can expect to find during your visit:


Edgefield is a unique experience in that they want you to be present in the moment. There are no telephones or televisions in the room. Instead, you will find murals and art depicting the tenants of the rooms in the past. There are over 100 guestrooms and hostel accommodations, some with en suite bathrooms, others with shared bathrooms down the hall.  Fret not though, wifi is available and cell signal is good.  Edgefield promotes a tranquil environment to get away from it all. By the way, this place is super pet friendly.

Edgefield, Troutdale,
McMenamins Edgefield, Troutdale Oregon, hallway


You will not need to leave the sprawling campus to find food. The Black Rabbit Restaurant offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in a more upscaled setting. They source a lot of their vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs from their own garden, grown on site. The Power Station Pub offers a more casual experience and has a great vibe to hang out in and has a movie theatre inside. In the summer, the pub expands outside to the Loading Dock Grill. Sometimes it is covered, sometimes it’s not, but no summer experience is complete without having a meal here.

Edgefield, Troutdale, Landing Dock Grill
Black Rabbit Restaurant, Edgefield, Troutdale Oregon



One of the coolest things about Edgefield is that you can go bar hopping to several bars without ever leaving the property. The Black Rabbit house is a tiny walk up bar with 1 table, great for grabbing a drink to go. Yes, you can walk around the whole property with a cocktail. Each restaurant has their own bar as well.

The Jerry’s Ice House is a divey Grateful Dead experience and a cozy place to gather with some friends.

Downstairs in the main building you will find Lucky Staehly’s Pool Hall which has Pool, Shuffleboard, Pinball, and great pizza.

Near the pool is the Teahouse bar, which looks over the pool’s landscaping.

The golf course has a divey distillery bar called “The Distillery Bar” no doubt, which has great outdoor seating with covered areas, picnic tables, and fire pits nestled right up against an orchard.

If you are into wine, there is a very suave wine tasting room near the brewing area.

Now to my personal favorite, The Little Red Shed. This bar used to be the trash furnace and is a small tucked away barely bit bar near the concert area. It is a super cozy place to hang out with some friends.

Jerrys Ice House, Mcmenamins Edgefield, Troutdale Oregon
Black Rabbit Bar, Mcmenamins, Troutdale Oregon
Mcmenamins Edgefield, Pub, Power Station, Troutdale Oregon
McMenamins Edgefield, Pool hall, Troutdale Oregon
Mcmenamins Edgefield, Distillery Bar, Golf Course, Troutdale Oregon
McMenamins Edgefield, Little Red Shed, Troutdale Oregon
Troutdale Oregon, Edgefield, Bar

Brewery, Distillery, and Winery

They brew the beer you drink there on site. They brew their delicious and must I say, definitely try, Blackberry (and other) ciders on site. They grow wine grapes all over the campus and make wine. The former potato shed is where they distill different spirits. You will never run out of booze here. Try these at the Distillery Bar aka the golf course club house. Click here to see what spirits they distill 

Edgefield Mcmenamins, Troutdale Oregon, Mt. Hood Living
Edgefield Winery, Troutdale, Mcmenamins
Edgefield Winery, Troutdale Oregon, McMenamins
Edgefield Troutdale Winery

Live Music and Events

There is a full-on concert venue here. We are talking headliners play here. The venue is outdoors and for the most part, its a field to sit in. The backdrop is absolutely gorgeous. Pro-tip: Get here early, the lines can get quite long.
Fortunately, they have acres and acres of parking.
Check out the summer concerts on the lawn series here.

Hardly a day goes by in the summer when you dont’ see a wedding party. Edgefield is a super popular wedding venue and has several private areas to tie the knot as well as business and conference spaces.

Edgefield, Concerts on the lawn, Troutdale
concerts on the lawn, edgefield, troutdale oregon

Outdoor Activities and Golf

Outdoors is what this place is all about. There is an outdoor 102 degree salt water soaking pool. There is a spa. There is a glass blowing area. There is a place to make pottery. There are trails to hike on. There are firepits to hang out at. There are gardens to wonder around. There is also golf.
The golf course features 2 par-3 pub courses, one is 20 holes and one is 9 holes. Don’t worry about bringing the clubs, they got you. Most of the holes are between 40-80 yards in length and have an absolutely awesome backdrop of the Columbia River Gorge. Most of the holes are divided by blackberry bushes. I will admit to eating hundreds of blackberries here and I can pretty much guarantee you that you will see at least 20 rabbits as you make your way around.

Edgefield Golf, Troutdale, Mcmenamins
Mcmenamins Edgefield Golf
Mcmenamins Edgefield, Troutdale Oregon


Can I bring my own food and drinks to McMenamins Edgefield?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed at the dining establishments and bars within McMenamins Edgefield. The property offers a variety of dining options to cater to different tastes.

Is McMenamins Edgefield pet-friendly?

Yes, McMenamins Edgefield is pet-friendly. However, there are specific accommodations designated for guests with pets. It’s recommended to inform the staff in advance about bringing your furry friend along. Pets must be leashed up on the property but if you go say deep into the concert parking area, lets just say, I have seen many dogs enjoying chasing a ball or two out there.

Can I book accommodations in advance?

Yes and you should probably do that. Especially on concert nights. Click here to book a room

Are there any age restrictions for the concerts and events?

The age restrictions for concerts and events at McMenamins Edgefield vary depending on the specific show or performance. Some events may be open to all ages, while others may have age restrictions due to alcohol service or content. It’s recommended to check the event details and restrictions when purchasing tickets.

Can I play golf at Edgefield even if I'm not staying at the hotel?

Yes, the golf course at Edgefield is open to the public. Whether you’re a hotel guest or not, you can enjoy a round of golf at the scenic nine-hole par-3 course. Green fees and rental equipment are available at the clubhouse.

To delve deeper into the wonders of Troutdale and discover more about Edgefield, we invite you to explore our website. And if you find yourself captivated by the allure of this remarkable place and are considering making it your home, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our real estate page.

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